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Leaders In Resolving Landlord-Tenant Disputes

In landlord-tenant relationships, parties often find themselves in situations that are more like a dysfunctional marriage than a business arrangement. Often, local rental ordinances complicate the situation further. Each party has its own goals, expectations and purposes, and sometimes issues will arise that quickly escalate to litigation. It is important for you to understand your legal rights if you live in San Francisco or El Cerrito or elsewhere in Northern California.

Housing laws and regulations at the municipal, state and federal level govern each party’s rights and responsibilities, but not everyone understands what these often lengthy laws mean in day-to-day operations. Local rental ordinances have been amended and updated, creating more ambiguity and confusion between tenants and landlords who take a quick survey on the internet and believe they are fully informed of the current law. With our partners’ 75-plus years of combined experience in real estate matters involving hundreds of tenants and landlords, we at Beckman Feller & Chang possess extensive firsthand experience and knowledge of laws and remedies concerning such matters.

Representing Clients Who Own Or Manage Commercial or Residential Properties

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Commercial leases: Our attorneys can quickly and efficiently draft legal agreements involving your properties, and we can review existing agreements to ensure that your rights are adequately protected.
  • Residential rental agreements: Our attorneys provide reliable, knowledgeable advice to property owners and their property managers and will work diligently to advocate for your position while trying to promptly resolve disputes related to habitable premises, discrimination in housing, disputes between tenants and other matters.
  • Rent increases and evictions: This is a particularly contentious area of housing law, and we have the experience and background to ensure that changes made to rental agreements are legal and enforceable.

The Bay Area has some of the highest rents in the country, making rent increases and eviction controls a hot area for litigation among property owners. While cities and townships continue to amend and implement new rent and eviction control ordinances, owners are often not getting enough information or details to maneuver through them.

If you have concerns as a landlord, property owner or manager about the laws in your municipality, we can provide a one-time review of laws concerning your properties or be available on a retainer to provide ongoing legal consultation as you manage your property in today’s increasingly complicated rental environment. To schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers, please contact us today.

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