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Strong Advocacy To Defend Against Premises Liability Claims

We have represented a variety of property owners and defended them against liability claims involving alleged dangerous conditions on commercial and residential properties. Our attorneys are well-versed in defending against claims of personal injuries and property damage alleged to have resulted from dangerous conditions and/or poor maintenance and management. From our years of defending against premises claims, we have a vast network of experts who will be available to assist with the vigorous defense of claims brought against you.

Our office has handled Americans with Disabilities Act violation claims. We have defended stores against slip-and-fall claims. We have tried cases involving injuries claimed by tenants, visitors and trespassers. Our clients have benefited from our representation in matters involving landslides, dog bites, parties, construction and easements. We have effectively defended shopping malls and condominium and homeowner associations, as well as single-family homeowners sued because of a crack in their driveway.

Because most owners have property insurance which covers many claims of liability, we have been able to help many clients get their insurance companies to help pay for some or all of their litigation expenses.

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